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The goal of the current stage of the project “Forecasting Societies’ Adaptive Capacities to Climate Change” is to accumulate evidence on education as an important health determinant. The objective is to identify different causal pathways and mechanisms, by which education affects mortality and health. Two meta-studies will be conducted to summarize the state of the art of infant and child mortality in connection to mother’s education and adult and old age mortality in connection to own education.

People involved in the project

List of participants

Data sources

Demographic and Health Surveys [2]




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  • Clark, D. and Royer, H. (2008). The Effect of Education on Adult Mortality and Health: Evidence from the United Kingdom.
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Literature Review[3]

Education and infant mortality


Education and adult mortality

Please feel free to extend the list of aspects around the relationship between education and health/mortality

Some Economic Aspects (Michael Kuhn posted 25.02.09, Note: The material was previously and somewhat awkwardly placed in the 'Discussion' section)

Education, income and mortality

V. Skirbekk and A. Goujon. 2009. Disentangling the effects of education and income on mortality & health.[4]

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