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Welcome to IIWiki, IIASA MediaWiki installation.


[edit] What is the IIWiki?

The IIASA Wiki (IIWiki) is meant to be a platform to share socially relevant information amongst IIASA staff members (and their families) and YSSP students. The purpose is to help other colleagues to find answers for questions of every day life in and outside of the institute.

You are welcome to insert any article into the Wiki that you think might help others. You are also welcome to edit every other existing article by adding additional information or updating outdated information. Simply log in (with your IIASA username & password), click the "edit" button of the article and share your knowledge!

[edit] Why a Wiki?

  • Everybody can easily contribute (add & edit information)
  • Information can be easily linked to each other
  • Information can also be requested ("Wanted Pages")

[edit] How can I contribute/edit information?

If you are looking for information on how to add information to the IIWiki or edit already existing information, please consult the Help page.

Here you can find out how to upload files to the wiki.

Why can't I log in into this wiki and edit pages?

[edit] Content of the IIWiki / Legal issues

It is the nature of a Wiki that every user can post content according to her/his (hopefully best) knowledge. This of course has its benefits: The Wiki can become a collective knowledge base. The pitfall might be that somebody - although not on purpose - posts wrong or incomplete information. There are two conclusions that can be drawn out of this:

  • If you come across some information that you think is wrong, correct it. Don't be afraid to also delete wrong information. Nothing really gets lost (history functionality of the Wiki).
  • No legal claims can be based on the content of the Wiki.

[edit] What the IIWiki is NOT?

  • A mirror of other web sites
  • A mirror of the official IIASA web pages
  • A site for finding/posting scientific information about IIASA
  • A news page
  • A web forum
  • A media (photos etc.) sharing platform

[edit] Special pages

Special pages are dynamic pages provided by the Wiki application to show information about the contents of the Wiki. Not every page might be very interesting for everybody in daily use, so here is the list of useful pages:

  • All Pages: All pages that have been added to the IIWiki so far
  • Wanted Pages: Pages to which somebody set an internal link from another page, but the page doesn't exist. If you have something to contribute to such a page, this is a good start off.
  • Recent Changes: Pages that have been changed recently
  • Dead End Pages: Pages that do not link to any other page (try to help to keep the list short)
  • Orphaned Pages: Pages to which no other page links (try to help to keep the list short)

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